About Angelique

Angelique van damIn short: Angelique van Dam is a coach, leadershipfacilitator and educator with a background as general practitioner. She brings a wealth of professional expertise and experiential learning to her clients and students worldwide. She adds fun, creativity, playfulness, bodywork, depth and lightness to the mix.

The detailed version: Angelique’s credentials, licenses and affiliations.

The story: Deeply caring and enthusiastically committed to holistic well-being of others, she began her professional journey in 1990 as a physician and specialized as a general practitioner. A firm believer in the powerful connection between mind/body/spirit and health, Angelique continued to expand her professional knowledge by studying gestalt psychotherapy, Chinese acupuncture, and more recently, neuroscience. For many years, she has lived in multiple continents and worked in the fields of medicine, education and human portential.  In 2006, Angelique shifted her primary vocational focus to coaching/mentoring and leadership development.

Always interested in learning and gifted with a positive outlook on life, Angelique has been able to make full use of whatever life has thrown at her.

Practice what you preach. That is a daily motivation on the personal leadership journey of Angelique herself. Besides working a lot (because she likes what she does), she consistently fails and succeeds in making time for her 3 teenage children, her husband and other loved ones. She also feeds her body and soul: by speeding through the dunes on her racing cycle, sailing, dancing the tango, meditation, being in nature, playing the piano or being in an acting class, to name a few important things. Angelique and her family currently reside in her country of origin, the Netherlands.