Coming events

This might be the moment for you to take a stand for what really matters in your life! Making a difference in your small or bigger world from your (personal) leadership! The co-active leadership program will support you in doing just that. Participants all over the world claim it to be “life-chanching”. I will lead the following programs:

For the LHV-academy (Dutch federation for family physicians)

    • March 13 + 14 2018 Medical leadership training 1 + 2. Signup via LHV academy

Lemniscape program – transformation in health care – For personal leadership and medical leadership

  • January 24 + 25 2018 Two day course on how to work together with medical leadership
  • March 13 + 14 2018 Multi day Medical leadership training
  • June 7 + 8  2018 Two day BeZINnINg course.

Keep an eye on the coming events!

Past events

“Storytelling and authenticity” How to use storytelling to connect with authenticity.

“Girls just wanna have fun!” Discover and strengthen your female power.

“Introduction co-active coaching” at government department of economics, agriculture and innovation.



“Introduction coachingskills”

“Repatriation is not always easy; how to enjoy?”

“Create your circle of social support, wherever you are”

“Stressmanagement : perspectives and priorities”.

“What inspires you?” ; an introduction to life coaching

“In pursuit of life balance”

“How to live the life you want, wherever you are in the world”

“Getting more out of your expat life”