Being passionately dedicated to professional excellence, it thrills me to work with coaches who are willing to grow in their coaching and in their lives.  As coaches, we have an important role to play in making this a better world to live in and I am excited about that.

Let’s have some serious fun unleashing the full range of your expression to fuel your life, and in service of your clients.  I have supported many a coach before, during, and after their certification, where the possibility of mentoring can be an added value of our coaching design.

My base is in co-active coaching, where we effectively empower our clients to find their own answers, where we use ourselves as instruments in the coaching and where there are no “cookie cutter recipes”. Being and doing have the same importance. The client will always co-create the coaching relationship and the results. Of course I will also put in my knowledge of neuroscience, psychotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine philosophy and leadership-philosophies.

At this moment coaching is present in many places in society and I love how that is influencing our world.  As quality trained and certified coaches we can have an exponential impact.  Allow me to be a dynamic ally to support and guide your expansion in the skill and art of coaching and bringing it into your lives.  I will bring insights and experience from my faculty position for the premier coaching school in the world: the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). As a leader of their coach training and their leadership programs,  “Walk your talk” is a mantra I am inspired to live by on a daily basis and want to bring that to your table, too.