Personal leadership

A much used and abused word. And that makes sense: our current, ever changing and often stressfull world requires making choices and being pro-active all the time.

Personal leadership is: taking ownership for how you respond to what is happening in your world.  It is an ongoing cycle of willingness, conscious discovery, and inspired action.  Stepping into personal leadership asks of you to say goodbye to passivity, powerlessness, blame and victimhood .  It calls you to be awake and empowered, aware of your choices and impact and to keep rising to the occasion of life with the best of who you are. Personal leadership is not only about what you do. It is also about who you are being. Tapping into all that is already there will make life easier and more fun.

These principles of personal leadership live at the heart of my work: working with individuals or with teams, in coaching or in facilitation.

Management in this 3rd Millennium requires feminine leadership, in men and in women. That encompasses the ability of strong communication skills, the ability to see the broader picture, being creative and understanding of others. Also the ability to empathize,  focus on the team rather than on power games and focus on value versus maximum profit (which will then happen by itself)

In your leadership I will encourage you to stretch beyond what you know of yourself and your world, to color outside of the lines of familiarity and limitation.  As a result, you will find yourself becoming more tuned-in and living true to your most powerful nature. You will energize new sources of motivation and new levels of expression and effectiveness.

As Darwin has said: “It’s not the strongest species, nor the smartest species that survive…It’s the ones that are most responsive to change.”