I treasure the years that I have worked as a general practitioner.  After a few years living and working abroad and learning from many other fields I have decided to support the medical world and specifically medical doctors in a different way.

Demands for change in healthcare have created major paradigm shifts that have physicians being pulled in multiple directions beyond basic patient care.  Many more skills are asked from us, that we were not taught in medical school.  Burnout is on the rise and self-care is ever more essential.

As someone who knows your profession from personal experience, I will support you with compassion and enthusiasm. The work we do is often in (re)connecting to your calling, while maintaining balance and optimal self-care.  The metaphor that is applicable here is: first putting the oxygenmask on yourself before being able to support others. This means take matters in your own hand and stepping in your personal leadership. Some questions you will get to ask yourself: What do you need to recharge? Do you take enough time to do that? What is your specific joy in this profession and what are your specific talents? How can you organize your work in such a way that there is room for all of that?

My work with physicians takes various forms including individual coaching,  supervision, support for intervision groups, and custom designed workshops for your team or health center.  I also work at the University of Rotterdam at the training for family physicians and am designing and delivering several courses for the LHV-academy (national organization of Dutch family physicians) Furthermore I am a registered supervisor for the NHG (Dutch Society for family physicians).