The painting and the music

Why would there be an intriguing (ugly/beautiful?) Chinese painting in the logo of AVD Leadership? And why would you be able to listen to tango music on this website?


Angeliques’ work is about getting out of familiar patterns. If the answers were in the paths you already know, you would have found them yourself or in conversation with a friend or your colleague.

Neuroscience research tells us that our important choices are only based for a small part on our conscious brain. The other bigger part comes from our unconscious brain. If we have more awareness of that bigger part of our brain just imagine the possibilities!

Art / music activates you to open more avenues in your brain: wether you like something or not: it triggers a reaction. This is a metaphor for what Angelique aims to do with her work: she will support you to use more of yourself than what you used to do before.

Be inspired or maybe irritated by the pictures on this page and activate your imagery thinking.

To stimulate opening up more avenues AVD Leadership sends a Present of the Month to an ever growing audience. It is a poem, a song, a text and/or a picture with leadership thought. If you wish you can inscribe to the Present of the Month here.

Marc Chagall: “ With my work I want to give a psychic shock, which is caused by imagery thinking: call it the “fourth” dimension.”