What clients say

Working with Angelique has been like having the time to sit down, sense, think, share and look to the horizon to see what’s there for me. I have felt always supported and never judged, always seen and held, curious and empowered, left with the willingness to move things. She brings an intense yet light energy that is full of acceptance and possibility, not leaving things to luck but ensuring everything is tied and ready for whatever the next step is.” Marisa V.

“You have the ability to hear exactly what I’m saying and hear through what I’m saying to get to the core. That helps me dissect the values and meanings that are at the basis of my decisions.” Phyllis G.

“I now have more insight into who I am, what I do and what my impact is. Angelique has supported me in connecting things and she gets to the core quickly.” Allard M.

“After working with Angelique I have become leading instead of victim, pro-active instead of reactive. “

 “In working with Angelique I have been able to make a better connection with my own core and I have learned how to use my strengths, my body and my spirit to reach my goals”. S. Eggels.

 “You get to the essential very fast. You are clear, safe, sharp and to the point.” Arja C.

“After only 6 sessions of coaching, I figured out which career path I wanted to take. From feeling completely confused and stuck at the beginning, I became more confident, focused and trusting. Angelique helped me to get to know myself better, and helped me bust several pre-conceived ideas and myths along the way. She was always direct, honest, patient, and full of insight. Less than a month after the coaching ended, I found a job I would have never thought of applying for before! “. Dominique D.

“You are analytical, respectful and weirdly enough vague in a practical way. You have supported me to change jobs, get clarity on my own wishes and strengths and I have discovered new ways of dealing with different situations”. Daphne R .

“I felt safe, your way of connecting with the body has worked well for me”.

“Angelique helped me to regain confidence in myself and thereby confidence in the future. She had me back on my feet already after one session, having me experience my own power.” Anja S.

 “You’re a present. In your presence I always felt held and at the same time you gave me the feeling everything was possible and was fun to try out. Stimulating, free and great. Cindy K.

 “In working with Angelique I gained insight in my sometimes hidden blockades I put up for myself which gave me the possibility to be more proactive in difficult situations.” Berend F.

“Great mix of group work, individual exercises and physical exercises- made for a fun and memorable day.” Pat H.

 “By working with Angelique I have found different ways of looking at myself, (re)discovered my own strength and can now better accept it when I feel vulnerable.”

 “You are a real rolemodel for me! How you live a fullfilled life with job & children!” Helene V.

“Working with Angelique was confronting, interesting and intense. Definitely not always easy, yet has lead to getting a clearer vision of what my impact is and how I can influence it”. Maarten L.

“Angelique helped me to better listen to myself. Through her support I am now more aware, respectful and transparant of my boundaries. I trust my own wisdom.” L. Koopmans.

“Through the sessions with Angelique I have come closer to my authentic self”. Nicole V.